The vision of FOCUSED Plans, LLC is to see you and your business prosper. We firmly believe that with your partnership and help this vision will surely come to pass and not linger.

Stay Focused is of service to businesses by promoting their success.

All people are drawn to businesses that are proven successful. Business owners are encouraged to convey compelling arguments of their accomplishments and their struggles. At Stay Focused Magazine we recognize that not only do individuals have a testimony, but both small and large businesses do as well. We believe we rise above life’s circumstances by spreading the word of that testimony.

Principles: Stay Focused exists on these three basic principles:

1. Have a mentor (a father, headship).
2. Be an example for others to follow.
3. Teach, and bring as many people along with you.

Mentor: It will be to your benefit to have a mentor for every area of your life. Your personal mentor must be ahead of you. They should be in a place that you see yourself in five to ten years. And because they are your mentor they will show you in less time how to accomplish what has taken them a life time to achieve.

Example: Be the person to others that you want them to be towards you. Be a living epistle for others to read as they watch and listen to you live your life to the full. When others have a desire to follow you this is a great indication that your leadership ability and knowledge have reached a level to make you into a mentor.

Teach: The greatest level of giving back is reaching back and pulling others forward with you. Be careful not to pull on everyone, only those who are ready and willing. When life teaches you a great lesson, decide within yourself how you might package that message and send it or give it to your neighbor.

Plan: We are always following a plan at Stay Focused. Nothing moves forward without a plan in place. Our plan is always God focused first, then people focused and it is never self motivated or self elevating. The ultimate plan is to serve the individual as they become a business owner and to serve business owner to reach the next level of excellence in business. Your business success is our success. We are in business to keep you thriving in business.